SCAM WARNING: Expat Auto Chiang Mai

My friend, a woman with no knowledge of cars, purchased a vehicle sourced by Expat Auto Chiang Mai. She did so because they claim to provide a service whereby you pay a significant sum of money for them to find the vehicle, repair it and certify that it is safe and reliable. This is money paid on top of the actual purchase price. However, she felt it was worth the extra expenditure since Expat Auto Chiang Mai claims they can assure the purchaser the car is safe and reliable and the repairs they effect will make it so.
Unfortunately, she did not check to see if they are actually qualified mechanics or use qualified mechanics. I agreed to assist her and we repeatedly asked for any proof they are in fact professionally qualified as mechanics but received nothing in reply.

The vehicle had basic fueling and driveline issues from almost the day she received it. Some of these problems were serious safety issues and could make the vehicle dangerous to drive.
Rather than repair these problems before delivery, Expat Auto Chiang Mai instead suggested expensive rear window speakers and a $50 wash and wax.

After much back and forth they repaired the vehicle three times but each time it was returned, new problems arose immediately, leading us to believe they either are not being forthright or are not actually qualified to diagnose and repair cars and the vehicles they sell are not what they claim.

They assured the purchaser the vehicle was sound, reliable and safe.
Now they claim they will no longer repair an ‘uncertified’ car – a car which their service ‘certified’ as safe and reliable when it was purchased from them.
One must ask, if they now claim the car was not ‘certified’, what exactly did they charge my friend for?
If they did not check the car to make sure it is safe and reliable, they did nothing for the money paid and their behavior could be seen as criminal fraud.
In fact, they even offered to buy the car back after six months, which was when my friend was planning to buy a new vehicle. Something they will no longer honor.

Be warned. The fact they recommended rear window speakers and a wash and wax rather than safety related repairs by itself indicates they have no concern for the customer and are simply out to make money for no real services provided.

Alternatively, Expat Auto Chiang Mai could have recommended my friend not buy the vehicle but in their haste to make money, they put their own greed first, rather that the best interests of their client.

We are extremely disappointed with their dishonesty. Expat Auto Chiang Mai appears to be nothing more than a scam to defraud customers.